Has there ever been so much changing in your life that you aren’t even sure which way is up or down? Or even what to tell other people since it is constantly shifting? Because once you tell them one thing, it may be different a day later. For me, things are moving and rearranging so fast.

I’m in a season of shift and perhaps you find yourself there as well? If not, I’m sure you can remember back to those shifting times… and how difficult they were.

Currently, we are in the middle of multiple open houses to sell our dream home in a wannabe country town outside of Los Angeles. We are figuring out how and what to pack in our RV versus a pod storage since we are planning on travelling on the road for we-have-no-idea-how-long with our three kids in a fifth wheel motor home. Eventually we will land somewhere in Idaho (we think). Oh, and my husband quits his job at the end of August, I will be living with my parents during the month of September while my husband goes on a three-week solitude time in Washington, I’m launching two coaching programs for Aspiring Authors in September along with a brand new podcast, I’m on the premises of multiple book contracts I need get to write, I joined a fitness program (that I’ve only done twice in two weeks), oh and I’m trying to visit with friends and feed my children and love on my husband and we are basically trying to hold it together around here… and yes, this may be the longest run-on sentence ever but that pretty much sums up my life right now—one big run on sentence with three dots on the end.

I believe many of us are creatures of comfort. We like stability. We enjoy security. When books start falling off the shelves, you run and hide under the table because you know your security is being shaken! Hello earthquake! (This is evidence of my life-long home in California.)

While you see our family entering into a huge season of change externally, I want you to know that none of this change would have been possible if things didn’t start shifting internally many months ago.

And isn’t that the truth with everything? If you want to change your life, or change something to your life, you must work on the internal and then the external follows suit.

What is it that is weighing you down right now? What areas of your life do you wish you could change? Perhaps your husband is in a job that’s wearing him down. Or maybe you hate feeling overweight and unhealthy. Or maybe you are stressed about finances all the time. Maybe you are constantly battling anxiety, insecurity, or feeling lonely.

Friend, you can start making minor changes internally that will eventually mark major changes externally.

For many years, my husband has been wrestling with feeling unfulfilled with work and desiring change. We tried many things to help shift this battle to something we both could handle. But in the past year, it became increasingly clear that a more radical shift was needed. And so, we prepared our minds for this shift and over several months, it began to get stronger and stronger until we were ready to make major decisions that would mark the rest of our life in what we believe will be better for us.

I’ve received the question often, “So, what job is your husband planning on taking after this move?” To be honest, he doesn’t have anything set right now as far as what work he will pursue. There are ideas mulling in both our minds, but nothing concrete yet. It’s as if God wants him to “just be” right now and seek Him, only Him, for clarity and insight into this next season of life. I’m supportive of this and know God is moving and inviting us into this change with Him for reasons we may not quite have an answer to yet. But it doesn’t feel forced. It feels more like a call from the Caller.

We will shift roles a bit in this season. I will continue to build upon my writing, coaching and speaking. He will take larger responsibility over the kids at this time. It feels right to us both. It’s a good shift. God is opening doors for us in these different ways and we feel clear this is the best decision for us right now.

Friend, If you want to make changes to your life, I invite you to let it soak into you internally first. Sense it. Feel it. Internalize it. Be still. Until you cannot be still any longer because He’s beckoning you to move.



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