I woke up with extremely puffy eyes this morning.  More puffy than my normal 5:30 am its-too-early-to-be-moving-my-body type of puffy eyes this morning.  (Because yes, my kids wake up at 5:30 am every morning.)

My husband and I watched this movie War Room (finally) last night (after hearing so many great comments about it) and… Oh goodness!  I have never cried SO much or SO hard from ANY other movie!!!  Cried in like a good cry sort of way.  With the ups and downs, the funny and heart-wrenching moments, I felt tears streaming down my face.  I looked over and even my husband (who rarely cries) had wet lines down his cheeks.  It was humbling and beautiful to see.

Emotions.  Don’t you love ’em.


But seriously, I was reminded again of the power of prayer.


Some of us think its boring.  Some may not truly believe in the power of prayer.  But for almost every person, when found in a life-altering circumstance, when we find we have been stripped with nothing left to hold onto, isn’t that when we submit ourselves instinctively to do?  We do the one thing when life feels out of our control–pray.

Oh let us be a people who come to God in prayer not just in our most desperate hours of need, but in the minutes and seconds before we find ourselves desperate or derailed onto an unforeseen path, which hours before we did not even see ourselves walking into.  Yes the power of prayer maintains its value in every circumstance and situation, but how many more life altering situations for the better might we be in if we had simply submitted ourselves to pray?

I have seen the power of prayer in action, both at work in my own life and the life of others.  I have sensed His presence with me when I pray.  I am guided in the day-by-day moments through prayer.  The benefits are endlessly good, yet why does this always seem to be our last resort?

Over the past year, I had decided to become a more active prayer warrior, before this movie had even come out.  I cannot tell you how much devoting myself more to prayer has changed my life in the most beautiful ways.

Today I found myself dabbing a lot more eye cream underneath my puffy eyes.


war room

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