I’m a researcher by nature.

So when I discover cleaning product companies claiming things that are untrue or misleading, I have to start investigating. Comparing to see which is the best one out there when it comes to cleaning our home from viruses and bacteria with proof.

Based on my findings, here is a breakdown between these 7 popular companies: The Clorox Company, Mrs. Meyers, Meleluca, Young Living, Simple Green, Norwex, and H2O at Home. At the end is an excel spreadsheet you can click to open and see it some of my notes and findings laid out in this format.



Product: 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner

Disinfectant: Kills bacteria and viruses

Cost: $25.52 for nine 22 oz spray bottle = $2.83/bottle

Longevity: Non-concentrated; average 3-5 months per bottle

Quality Control Certifications: Approved by EPA for antibacterial properties; Zero certifications for natural/organic cleaning or safety

Other: Harmful Ingredients (Ethanolamine, Alkyl C12-16 Dimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride, Tetrapotassium EDTA): known to cause lung issues, respiratory disfunction, linked to cancer, coughing, and headaches.


Product: Clorox Wipes (disposable)

Disinfectant: Yes, according to EPA

Cost: $9.99 for 225 wipes (Walmart)

Longevity: 1 wipe per use; If used daily on kitchen and 2 bathrooms = 45-60 days

Quality Control Certifications: Approved by EPA for antiviral/antibacterial properties; Zero certifications for natural/organic cleaning/safety

Other: Non-biodegradable (sits in landfills for years); Harmful Ingredients (Hexoxyethanol, C12-14 Alcohols Ethoxylated Propoxylated, Alkyl Dimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride) Severely irritating to eyes, respiratory tract, may cause blood disorders with long term use, skin irritant, asthma-like symptoms, linked to cancer, and affects reproductive system.

**Personal Thoughts: While Clorox Wipes and 409 seems to have some strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, it contains harmful ingredient and isn’t good for the environment either. It’s also not as cost-effective as other safer alternatives.



Product: Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

Disinfectant: No; doesn’t claim to sanitize or disinfect (aka. it’s fragrant water)

Cost: $3.99 for 16 fl. oz.

Longevity: lasts 3 months – $79.80 per 5 years with 24 bottles wasted

Quality Control Certifications: None. Zero. Zip.

Other: *website doesn’t say how concentrated it is; made of 30% recycled material. Uses synthetic scents, not natural. States on website that none of their products disinfect or sanitize surfaces.

**Personal Thoughts: While it doesn’t have toxic ingredients and it’s definitely cheap, there are no antiviral/antibacterial properties in any of their products, which makes it an automatic OUT for effectiveness. False advertising and non-effective product.



Product: Thieves Household Cleaner

Disinfectant: Not labeled at YoungLiving.com as a disinfectant but they claim it kills 99.9% bacteria (https://www.youngliving.com/blog/blog-thieves-household-cleaner-diy-tips/)

Cost: $23.50 Wholesale; $30.92 retail for 14.4 fl oz.

Longevity: 6 months=$225 per 5 years with 10 bottles wasted

Quality Control: Zero third-party certifications or testing; only self-testing claims

Other: No toxic chemicals in ingredients. Starting to switch to eco-friendly packaging and alternatives.

**Personal Thoughts: It is more cost-effective than most products out there because of its concentration. No toxic chemicals used which is great. But because there is no third-party testing completed with this company to prove the products effectiveness, for this reason, I would look for a better alternative.



Product: Sol-U-Guard

Disinfectant: Yes EPA approved disinfectant

Cost: $15.50 from rep. $10.99 with $19/month membership with a required $60/month purchase on products for continued “savings”; Could not get pricing until I called them. 

Longevity: approx 6 months (quoted by rep on the phone)

Quality Control Certifications: None claimed on the website for cleaning products

Other: Self-tested; no third party certifications; no harmful ingredients in the products.

**Personal Thoughts: I’m not a fan of required memberships to get products. I’m also not a fan that Melaleuca does not have quality control certifications done by third-parties. It’s good that it’s EPA approved and a safer alternative for cleaning, but due to the other reasons, I would pass on this product.



Product: All Purpose Cleaner

Disinfectant: Not labeled as a disinfectant. I repeat NOT a disinfectant (kill bacteria or viruses) nor does it claim to sanitize.

Cost: $3.97 per 32 oz. bottle

Longevity: Unsure…maybe a few months?

Quality Control Certifications: None

Other: Contains Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate which is linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity disorders; Methylchloroisothiazolinone: linked to lung toxicity and neurological disorders.

**Personal Thoughts: This is definitely cheap, but not all that “green” as supposed! With harmful ingredients and not a disinfectant, it’s nothing more than toxic water. This is a definite out.



Product: Envirocloth

Disinfectant: Not antiviral; cloth tested to remove 99% bacteria by third party organization. No other anti-viral spray available. Self-claimed that their cloths which contain metals self-clean in 24 hours (one test from a University that proves this theory is inconclusive) and metals may pose health risks/environmental risks.

Cost: $18.99

Longevity: 2 years.

Quality Control Certifications: One (unsure of the name, but a representative said there is one but I believe this is referring to a third-party which has tested their Envirocloth to remove 99% bacteria (no claims however of antiviral capabilities).

Other: Contributes to NorwexFoundation (self-created charitable partner) and Washed Ashore.

**Personal Thoughts: I couldn’t find any proven antiviral capabilities with their cloths and there are no sprays available. The company has many self-made claims which makes me wary.



Product: All Purpose Cleanser

Disinfectant: Yes; EU (European Disinfection Standards) approved for commercial use against viruses, fungus, and bacteria.

Cost: $35 (includes 3 refills) = 1 years worth

Longevity: $175 per 5 years.

Quality Control Certifications: Qualite France, CosmeoBio, and EcoCert (Three certifications by third-party companies for quality of natural ingredients and effectiveness)

Other: Focused on zero carbon emissions/waste; donates a percentage of all sales to two organizations: Coer De Foret and Coral Guardian.


Product: Heavy Duty Chiffonnnette

Disinfectant: Sanitizes removing the bacteria (99.999%) from the surface; third-party tested and approved

Cost: $8.50 (or $17 for two)

Longevity: 5 years (some have claimed 10)

Quality Control Certifications: Same as above

Other: add Netepur Bar soap to clean cloths between use for $14 which lasts 8-12 months = $70 to $112 – per 5 years

**Personal Thoughts: H2O at Home is backed by multiple third-parties for quality and effectiveness. They are more affordable than the rest and I haven’t found anything negative about the company. My pick of choice.


What do you think? Have you done the research?

Do you KNOW for sure what you are getting and whether or not the product is worth the cost?

Here is the Excel Spreadsheet in case you want to view it in this form.

I became a representative of H2O at Home because it is the best company I’ve found on all fronts. The products work better than anything else I’ve tried, I can trust they’re safe, it saves me more money, and I get to help others find a better, safer alternative for home and personal care products, too.

If you want to learn more about H2O at Home products or about building a business, connect with me here!

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