Life coaching has gained popularity over the years. Why? Because it works! When people start seeing results and improvement in their life, or business, by using a coach, what do people do? They talk about it! We love to talk about what we love!

I personally have loved my experiences with coaching. It’s helped me become successful not only vocationally, but it’s improved my personal and spiritual growth as well. I’ve also utilized counseling over the years which has also positively impacted my life. Which brings me to my first point:

Coaching ISN’T Counseling

I absolutely love coaching and counseling for various reasons. Coaching tends to be more about working on achieving future goals, strategizing for your business, prioritizing what’s most important in your life, and overcoming negative self-talk by focusing on the now. While counseling may offer some of this as well, the focus is different in that they work on exploring and healing areas of the heart from the past. There are also several types of counselors (family, marriage, addiction), just like there are several types of coaches as well. Which brings me to my second point:

Coaching IS Diverse

There are several types of coaches depending on one’s expertise. Some help with business coaching. Others work with people to overcome barriers, obstacles, and encourage personal growth. Some use a program they’ve created to help get to a certain goal. Others offer per session coaching. And some use a combination, depending on the needs of the client. For example, I utilize a mix of personal life coaching + business strategy coaching techniques. I offer an 8-week private online coaching program to help women discover their unique purpose and release their God-given dreams into the world. As you can see I’m specific. I work with faith-based women. It’s an 8-week program (although you can go at your own pace as well). I’m focused on helping women (especially mom’s) understand the person God has created them to be. And I provide a variety of tools to hone in on their God-given dream (either a small business, a ministry, product creation, etc) and bring that into fruition. I know this works because I’ve implemented the same principles which led to my own personal and vocational success as a best-selling author, speaker, accredited coach, and happy mom and wife to my family. But my success was not an overnight achievement, nor was it easy:

Coaching ISN’T A Get-Rich-Quick Offer

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not a fan of those coaching offers out there that say, “get rich in 90 days,” or “make a 6-figure business in 3 months.” This makes it sound like you don’t have to do any work and that it’s an easy process. It also makes it sound like money is the only thing there is to life. Let me give it to you straight: to become successful at anything in life you still have to DO THE HARD WORK to get there, AND there are more valuable things in life than having a large bank account! I’ve worked hard to get to a level of success in a relatively short amount of time where I feel strong personally, spiritually, and yes, financially. Do I still have more to learn? You betcha! Do I still have to do the hard work every day to rise above the negative voices trying to take me out? Of course! Is being rich all there is to life? It better not be! Although we need money to live, we shouldn’t live FOR money. There’s a difference. Which is why, I believe, the best coaching is about strengthening you personally and spiritually, which naturally brings success to you in all areas of life—including financially. I don’t want to give you “tips” which could change with the next algorithm modification, but I will give you solid personal, spiritual, and foundational business-related “tips”, which will naturally flow success into all areas of your life.

Coaching IS Worth the Investment

A really good coach is worth the investment. I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars investing my own money into coaches to help me become a more successful communicator, better writer, wiser mentor, effective entrepreneur, and just plain happier in all areas of my life. My rather quick rise to success over the past two years is all because I took the scary plunge and hired coaches which helped me grow personally, spiritually, and vocationally in my field of interest. I was no longer stuck, no longer lost, and no longer lifeless. Through this process, I quickly discovered my passion and purpose was to do the same: to help others get unstuck, discover their own passion and purpose in life, and release those gifts into the world. It was worth the investment because the things I learned and applied literally changed my life—and it will for you too.


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