It’s all a bit surreal.

I’m sitting on the deck of a ranch in Idaho in the middle of no-where really, never, ever anticipating that this would be part of my life 6 months ago. And yet, this “no-where” land feels like we are right where we’re supposed to be…. somewhere with deep purpose.

The journey to get here was anything but streamline. No… it was a million little pivots directing toward one main purpose. A purpose that still feels like it’s being revealed to us and will continue to reveal itself in time.

Our million different steps and pivots have led us to this unexpected gift. A gift we are still unwrapping and discovering at the moment.

This zig zagging path has, at times, left me wondering, “Was there a reason for that? Was that a wasted decision?”

One of those decisions that has left me questioning its purpose was buying the RV.

Originally, we thought we would be living in an RV for a year on the road, traveling around until we felt ready to land somewhere. But things shifted. As other unexpected opportunities and changes popped up, we prayerfully shifted with them toward the direction we felt the Spirit leading. A few weeks ago, we decided that we would not be journeying in the RV to different places but be using it to live in on the ranch in Idaho that we became minor partners in.

And now, being on the ranch currently, we’ve taken another pivot: currently staying in the small manufactured home on the property instead of living in the RV like we originally planned.

So, was the RV thing all for nothing? Not really. You see, if we didn’t have the plan in place to use the RV, I don’t think I would have considered going to the ranch without it. I needed the security of knowing we could live somewhere, like an RV, to get us to this ranch. Also, the RV enabled us to use as extra storage space for items that couldn’t fit in our storage unit when we moved (many boxes are in the RV as well). There are also a few other reasons we’ve seen how the RV was necessary to help us to where we are right now, but not in the ways we expected. Definitely not to be used to travel around the country. We will eventually sell it, but I still don’t believe it was for nothing.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose was for something that happened? Wondering if you made a mistake or wrong decision? Perhaps it truly was necessary but you just don’t see the full picture yet. That was us. This may be you too.

Our next pivot has to do with our original plan to stay on the ranch for the next 6 months. This is not happening anymore. While we are definitely invested into building and recreating this ranch into a Christian events and retreat center, we decided being on the ranch during this construction time with our three young kids wasn’t quite the best set-up for many reasons. Having a place to call home off site felt better, even if it’s a temporary home for now.

So of course, another pivot was in place. The day after we arrived at the ranch my husband and I had a long discussion and decided finding another home in Emmett that’s close enough to the ranch (but eases us into this country style of living) would be best. Amazingly, within two days we went to look at a home and by the end of the day our offer was in and accepted!

So yes, we just bought a house in Idaho! Crazy!

Again, a million different pivots. But all aligning to one main purpose: restoring this ranch for God’s Kingdom.

I can see us living in this home for a few years until we figure things out. We are settling into the community and went to their annual Harvest Festival which was twenty thousands times LESS crowded than LA harvest festivals. And I couldn’t believe that most of the activities for kids were FREE! Including their pumpkins!

We are continuing to take pivots when it comes to Jeff’s work situation (he has a job interview lined up), ranch decisions (getting 501c3 set-up for donations, internet, etc), living in the manufactured home on the ranch instead of the RV, buying a home off site (which we hopefully will move into before Thanksgiving), car decisions (we were going to sell one, but currently have all three on the ranch which has been helpful as our friends and partners of the ranch are down a vehicle right now), and so many more. It’s amazing how God just continues to help us figure things out as we go. It’s also been amazing to experience how little you really need to live off of (we’ve been living off of essentials mainly for the past month) and how much a home is not so much a building or location, but the people you are with.

My family is my home.

God has truly taken us on a million different pivots to one main purpose. It’s been wild. It’s been full of unexpected surprises. It’s also been incredibly hard at times. But I know we are right where we should be.

And I wonder, perhaps this is your story as well and you just don’t see the full picture yet? Can you trust that He is in it? Can you trust He is still leading you to His ultimate purpose on your unsteady path?

Do you wonder why something happened the way it did, but are beginning to see another purpose in it that you didn’t anticipate before?

Do you feel lost and lonely with this new path, new change, new shift to your direction and plans?

It may feel like your life is zig zagging you all over the place. But I promise God has a plan and purpose for you in this journey you’re on. You will find steady ground soon. The air will clear and more glimpses of what God is doing in your life will be revealed. Just keep trusting in Him. Keep seeking Him in all things. It may feel like a million little pivots, but there is one great purpose He is beckoning you to which will fill your heart, glorify Him, and bring clarity to what this next season will you.

Hold onto the hope that’s ahead… we will continue to do the same.

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