You’ve probably seen a thousand of these posts zooming around cyber space. Millions posting their “word for the year” on their social media accounts. Which might make some of you cringe to think about reading another one right now.


I usually like things until they become too trendy. Like this word for the year has. The appeal and sparkle to it wears off like chipped nail-polish only a few days after it’s been primed.

But even with the trendy “pick a word for 2017” I can’t help but believe there’s still something special about it. I discovered the truth of its power as I said goodbye to my previously chosen word of 2016 and entered a new year, yes with a newly chosen word in place. But really, I don’t believe there’s anything special about the word itself… but the nature by which the word was given.

We all want to believe in something bigger than ourselves. And choosing an inspirational and empowering word seems to give us the essence of propelling us to something bigger than ourselves. But perhaps this is why I can’t help but see the correlation of how selecting a word becomes more than just a word to inspire us. It is a word that moves beyond skin deep.

We all long for something more than this world. There’s a deeper sense of “knowing” we all have, yet some choose not to see it or believe it. The selection of this word moves past bones and blood of who we are. It comes from the soul. And the soul of us is from God. Therefore, this word comes from Him.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in God, I can’t help but see His presence wrapped around this message. Sure you can say you chose your word or others may have chosen their word themselves, without God’s input. Perhaps some look more selfishly chosen or didn’t seem very much like it was inspired by God (which may very well be true). But then… isn’t God able to take any situation, any selfish notion, any self-led desire and still bring about His hand and plan upon ones path? Isn’t He able to make all things point back to Him once we decide to follow Him? Deep thoughts I know… perhaps this is getting too far past my point and down a rabbit trail now.


The point is, choosing a word for 2017 is more than just a motivational word. It is a word that very well could be from the Creator Himself, inspiring you to keep moving forward toward the path and plan He has for you. And that, my friend, makes this choosing of a word come to life in a whole new way.

My word for 2016 was “Becoming.” My word for 2017 is “Release.”


Now it’s your turn. What’s  your word for 2017?



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