Feeling overwhelmed by the book proposal process? Not sure how to pitch the query letter the right way? In fact, you might even be thinking, “Wait, what the heck is a query letter?!”

Don’t worry friend, I got you!

In my course Write it Right: Book Proposals and Query Letters, I navigate through my step-by-step process to creating a book proposal and query letter the right way.

I screen share through the videos to show you real life examples of what a 1st place award-winning book proposal and query letter looks like! 

I compare and contrast ALL genres (nonfiction, fiction, childrens, and devotionals) so you can write any kind of book with ease.

So, you ready to dig in with me? 

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Not sure about me yet? Totally get it!

In a nutshell, I started my writing career in 2015 and launched a best-selling book in 2017. Since then I’ve won multiple writing awards, published books in multiple genres, coached aspiring author clients with great success, and in 2018, I added the title of “secret agent” to my name (you can figure that one out). I now connect with nearly 100,000 people through my online platforms and have learned what it takes to become published and make a full-time career as an author.

I started doing all of this while taming “Wannabe Triplets” when they were still in diapers. Did I mention I still worked part-time as a dental hygienist, too?



The truth is, your excuses are holding you back from reaching your dreams.

The other truth is you need help from a professional who knows exactly how to outline the proposal and query letter the right way. Not from the amateurs online.

So, you ready to learn EXACTLY what you need to do to Write it Right?

Purchase now and get immediate access, TODAY!


Special Price: $99 (normally $299 – that’s 67% off!!)

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Sneak Peak of the course below!

Comes with bonus downloads:

Christian + General Literary Agencies List!

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